Prema - Service GmbH

Urseler Str./Hofgut Wagner
Bad Homburg


Rubriken: Industriemontagen, Engineering, Flare Systems, Mixing Technology, Heating Systems, Pinch Valves

Stichwörter: Pinch, Valves, Tank, Flaring, Service, Repair, &, Maintenance, Electric, Concomitant

Prema-Service, formerly: Petro Anlagenbau, have been manufacturing inner-tube valves and plant components for the oil and gas industry and for the chemical and petrochemical industry for over 30 years. Our staff are supported by our experienced management; they are quality-oriented in their work. Our staff's high level of experience, accompanied by our engineers' innovative thinking, ensure state-of-the-art technology and the reliability of our products at all times. The most advanced computer systems and CAD workstations support the technical workflow.